Employees stage demos against privatisation of power companies
   Date :08-Aug-2021

staging demonstration_1&n
 Leaders of Joint Forum staging demonstration against
privatisation of power companies.
Staff Reporter :
Electricity employees under the banner of joint forum staged demonstration against privatisation of power companies, on Saturday. During the demonstration, employees’ representatives, RK Jain and Harendra Shrivastava alleged the conspiracy of privatizing the power companies for providing undue advantage to private companies. Speakers charged that in the name of advancement of services, the Government is trying to privatize power companies which will lead to unemployed several outsourced workers and increased electricity tariff without any service guarantee. Through the demonstration, electricity employees raised demand to stop privatisation of electricity works, regularisation of contract workers, merging of outsourced workers in power companies and providing same dearness allowance to officers, employees and retired employees.
Joint Forum’s SK Sachdeva, Raman Raikwar, RK Jain, Mohan Dubey, Ajay Kashyap, JK Kostha, Shashi Upadhyay and others have raised demand towards State and Central Governments for stopping privatisation of power companies otherwise they will stage a massive protest in near future.