women in army
   Date :10-Sep-2021

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TIME and again, the media is abuzz with news of how the Government is allowing an ever-expanding space for women in various wings of the famed Indian Armed Forces. Lt. General Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar, AVSM, VSM became the third woman to be elevated to be a Three-star rank, after Lt. General Ms. Punita Arora and Air Marshal Ms. Padma Bandopadhyay. Women are being given position as full Colonels. Women are being admitted to the National Defence Academy (NDA). Girls are also being given admission to Sainik Schools. Women are being inducted into combat units. ...! All these pieces of information offer an endearing picture of how Indian women are coming to occupy important place in the country’s security management and handling -- from strategic to operational areas. There can be nothing more satisfying for the larger Indian society when its women are getting appropriate opportunities to shine even in areas that were until recently not open to them to show their merit and talent. This also offers a very endearing symbolism of India’s finer social evolution whose good effect will travel a long distance in creating a more just and more equitable system, as a welcome change
hiked wheat MSP
THE Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has delivered a positive tight slap to the so-called farmers’ protests stretching over several months. It has hiked the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for wheat by Rs. 40, thus, raising the full price to Rs. 2018 per quintal. In this manner, the Government has weakened the argument of protesters as regards MSP that the new farm legislations do not provide for the concept of MSP. Right from Day One, the Government has proved this claim to be totally wrong and politically motivated. The protesters, however, have only rejected whatever the Government as part of their obstinate stand against the new farm laws. They have also refused to discuss the issue and find solution to the imbroglio and have insisted that the new laws be altogether scrapped. This obstinacy, of course, will not take the protesters anywhere as the whole nation has realised how nonsensical the protests are. Despite this, the protest leaders are refusing to listen to allow wise counsel. The country has seen many farmers’ agitations in the past, but none of those was as stupid as this one under the name of farmers. Of course, by now, all know it is a huge political misnomer.