‘best institution’
   Date :11-Sep-2021

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THE annual National Institutional Ranking Framework Survey (NIRF) conducted by the Ministry of Education has ranked the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has the best institution of higher learning in the country. Several institutions have been recognised appropriately by the said NIRF Survey. Because of the prestige associated with the rankings, India’s education sector always looks forward to the rankings that help the institutions in many ways.
Despite this high-profile importance attached to the annual exercise, it must be said with a tinge of sadness that many institutions of higher learning in the country do not measure up to world standards naturally for multiple reasons. Though some institutions make most sincerely and transparent efforts to raise their respective standards, the overall approach of our educational institutional network to education is far below the expected seriousness that marks world class. Lay outsiders, though, may not be able to pinpoint the actual reasons of this lag, it is obvious that on some basic counts, the Indian institutions of higher learning fall short of global standards.