Karate belt gradation exam held
   Date :13-Sep-2021

Karate belt _1  
Principal Correspondent ;
MITSUYA-KAI Hayashi-ha Shito-Ryu Karate-Do India recently organised karate belt gradation examination of Steps Karate Club at Mitsuya-Kai Main Branch, Karate Hall, Divisional Sports Complex Indoor Stadium, Mankapur. The examination was conducted by Hanshi Dr Zakir S Khan and assisted by Steps Karate Club’s coach Shihan Shahwar Khan. District Sport Officer Dr Avinash Pund was the chief guest of the function. He distributed belts to successful students. During the examination the coaches explained the importance and steps of karate.
“Completion of each test brings the student one step closer to becoming a black belt holder. Students must demonstrate knowledge of certain skills like Zuki, Uke, Geri, Ippon Kumite, Kata, Kumite etc. and should show there endurance, stamina, concentration, strength, conditioning and power before testing for the next level,” they said. “Karate is divided into two main grades or ranks which are called Dan for Black Belt and Kyu grades for all coloured belts. Students who were awarded with various belts are: Green Belt 4th Kyu: Muhammad Khan, Umar Khan, Aliza Sheikh, Sanskaar Tiwari, Yusuf Aziz. Orange Belt 7th Kyu: Ayesha Khan. Yellow Belt 8th Kyu: Zainab Fatema Khan, Aliya Khan, Ayesha Khan, Humna Ghazi, Humaid Khan, Vedansh Thakur, Zaid Aziz, Areeb Khan, Yusuf Khan, Asad Sayed.