Rare butterflies spotted in Ratapani Reserve
   Date :15-Sep-2021

Staff Reporter :
A team of 88 naturists from 14 states of India surveyed Ratapani jungle 
As Monsoon is considered as best time watch butterflies as they flit about in good numbers looking for nectar from tender greenery that springs up after the rain, naturalist identified rare species in Ratapani jungle of MP. A team of 88 naturists from 14 states of India found 103 species of butterflies including a dozens of rare species. The team has spotted Bush Brown, Angel Pirate, Black King, Nawab, Common Tree Brown, Tri-coloured pied flat and other few species. After concluding their survey, reports will be submitted to the forest department for further data collection. Based on this report, forest department will further plan conservation plan for the species. Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over 907.71 sqkm of area where several species of animals and birds are found. As the jungle has waterfall, pond, river and pleasant tourist spots, verities of butterflies nest in the jungle.
The expert team surveyed in the area for three days to list the species. Butterflies have been found at 80 locations of Ratapani. The team has collected photographs and other sample of butterflies to prove their presence. District Forest Officer (DFO) Obedullaganj Vijay Kumar said, “Team has made patrolling in 21 camps and 80 trails to find out the butterflies. Further conservation plan will be made for the butterfly species with this data collection.” The survey team participated from Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and other 14 states of India. The team has been also ingvited to participate the upcoming bird survey.