Taliban kill 20 civilians in Panjshir: Report
   Date :15-Sep-2021

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AT LEAST 20 civilians have been killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley, which has seen fighting between the militants and opposition forces, the BBC reported. Communications have been cut in the valley, making reporting difficult, but the BBC has evidence of Taliban killings despite promises of restraint. Footage from a dusty roadside in Panjshir shows a man wearing military gear surrounded by Taliban fighters. Gunfire rings out and he slumps to the ground. It is not clear if the man killed was an Army member, combat uniforms are common in the region. In the video a bystander insisted he was a civilian, the report said.
The BBC has established there have been at least 20 such deaths in Panjshir. One of the victims was a shopkeeper and father-of-two called Abdul Sami. Local sources said the man would not flee when the Taliban advanced, telling them: “I’m just a poor shop owner and have nothing to do with war.” But he was arrested, accused of selling sim cards to resistance fighters. Days later his body was dumped near his home. Witnesses who saw his body said it showed signs of torture. When the Taliban swept to power last month, only the Panjshir Valley held out. Panjshir has long been a focal point for resistance in Afghanistan. Under the late opposition commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, the region repelled both the Soviet forces and the Taliban. Mountain peaks surround the valley making it difficult for anyone trying to capture it. Footage from the ground shows once-busy marketplaces deserted.
Taliban fighters force men into car boots: THE Taliban is carrying out reprisal attacks against former soldiers and Government workers, the UN has been told, as video emerged showing the group’s fighters forcing young men into car boots in the capital Kabul, the Daily Mail reported. GST Council may bring petrol, diesel... June, the Kerala High Court, based on a writ petition, had asked the GST Council to decide on bringing petrol and diesel within the Goods and Services Tax (GST) ambit. The sources said bringing petrol and diesel within GST would be placed before the Council for discussion in the light of the court asking the Council to do so. When a national GST subsumed central taxes such as excise duty and state levies like VAT on July 1, 2017, five petroleum goods – petrol, diesel, ATF, natural gas and crude oil – were kept out of its purview for the time being.