Most homemakers aspire to start biz of their own: Report
   Date :16-Sep-2021

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Business Bureau ;
A MAJORITY of the homemakers (62 per cent) surveyed aspire to start a business of their own, according to the Indian Homemakers’ Entrepreneurship Report 2021. The primary drivers for these homemakers to set up their own business are the desire to be financially independent and the ability to contribute financially to the family, said the report, which was related on Wednesday. “Starting a business of their own would make these homemakers feel more self-confident (81 per cent), empowered (78 per cent) and feel more respected in the society (63 per cent),” the report said. The report is based on a survey, which covered 1,818 housewives across 13 Indian cities.
According to the report, lack of time due to home responsibilities acted as the main barrier for 73 per cent of homemakers that prevented them from setting up their own business. While 53 per cent said, it was due to lack of guidance, insufficient funds was the reason for 50 per cent homemakers, said the report. “Some of the popular businesses of interest are running a boutique (16 per cent), home tutoring (10 per cent), reselling of apparel, jewellery (7 per cent), running a beauty parlour (6 per cent), among others,” it added.
The Indian Homemakers’ Entrepreneurship Report 2021 is supported by leading food company Britannia and is based on a nationwide survey among homemakers to study barriers, triggers and enablers to embracing entrepreneurship. “Seventy-seven per cent of homemakers who desire to start up claim technology can aid them in this journey – as it can enhance their knowledge and know-how of how to run a business,” it said. Leading food company Britannia, which on Wednesday launched the third season of its Marie Gold My Startup campaign, would help these 77 per cent of homemakers who desire to start up a business of their own. In its Season 3, the Britannia Marie Gold My Start-up campaign has been broadened to help homemakers leverage the internet to grow their business.