Nine new dengue patients detected, figure crosses 200
   Date :16-Sep-2021

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 An employee of the Malaria Department adding Temophos chemical to prevent breeding of mosquitoes in water accumulated on ground in Bhopal.
Staff Reporter :
The outbreak of dengue is increasing continuously in the State capital, nine dengue patients have found in the testing of 21 samples, in the past 24 hours. With this, the number of dengue patients in the city has reached 203 this year. Significantly, four dengue patients were detected earlier in the day in city. So far this month, more than 100 dengue patients have been found. One-third of the samples tested every day are being found infected. CMHO Dr Prabhakar Tiwari said that the number of dengue patients increases in September-October. People should remain careful. Mosquitoes should not be allowed to breed in and around your homes.
The Aedes mosquito that spreads dengue bites, during the day, so people should wear full sleeve clothes and should take special care of children. Areas more affected by dengue - Bagsevania, Lalghati, Saket Nagar, Nizamuddin Colony, Kotra, Nehru Nagar, Ibrahimpura, Barkheda Pathani, AIIMS Hostel, Kolar, and Ashoka Garden.