Dubbatota village of Sukma set to become self-reliant again
    Date :02-Sep-2021

District Collector Vineet
Staff Reporter :
The winds of change are now spreading rapidly in Sukma district. There was a time when Sukma was known only by the name of Naxalism and due to this the district was always recognised as backward, but now the same Sukma is moving towards being self-reliant, creating new dimensions of development. Dubbatota, a village in the district was once a developed and self-sufficient, but the times changed and the Salwa Judum, which started in 2006, took it in its grip. This center of fish production was completely closed due to Naxal activities. But with the efforts of Collector Vineet Nandanwar, the scenario here has changed.
The villagers have started fish hatchery again. Dubbatota village is moving towards becoming self-reliant With the start of fish hatchery in Dubbatota, the economic condition of the villagers will be strong and they will get employment from it. With the help of fish hatchery, the landscape of the area will also change. With the re-start of the processing center, Sukma will become completely self-sufficient for fish seed production. For fish production, one had to depend on the border states of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana. But once hatchery is started in Dubbatota it will be easily available at reasonable price and dependence on other states will end.