big challenge
   Date :25-Sep-2021

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CLIMATE change is as much a security threat as terrorism if the mortality rate triggered by the two is taken into consideration. A simple act of breathing polluted air contributes to seven million deaths a year. This is a staggering number that must shake the entire human society’s foundation, for, it is all about lifestyle and business choices of people which contribute to poor air quality around the globe. Taking the imminent danger into consideration, the revised Global Air Quality Guidelines (AQGs), updated by the World Health Organisation after 16 long years, have set new standards for policymakers and the public to improve air quality. It is a big challenge for the geo-climatic zone in which India operates as the new AQGs have set higher and tougher bar for air quality, presently maintained here. High particulate matter (PM) in the air India breathes is already causing several irreversible health hazards. Though the issue has attracted political attention, much leaves to be desired as far as implementation of the National Clean Air Programme is concerned. India has to make some hard choices to clean up its industries, power and transport sectors before the matter goes out of hand.