Date :28-Sep-2021

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HOME Minister Mr. Amit Shah’s meeting with Chief Ministers of Naxal-affected States holds a special significance in the current times when political activities in India’s immediate neighbourhood are witnessing a critical change. The Centre has announced its total preparedness to take the Naxalism bull by its horns by setting deadline of next one year to eradicate Left Wing Extremism (LWE) from the affected regions. This is going to prove a decisive fight against the Maoists who have been pushed to a thin ice in the last few years on the back of a coordinated Centre-State strategy. Now is the time for a final push to end the menace as reflected in the Home Minister’s interaction with the CMs. Taking a strong call against Maoists has become imperative for the forces after the change of regime in Afghanistan and increased covert activities by extremists in Kashmir Valley. The Naxal movement has always received a big backing by these elements and given the churn in global politics there is every reason to take pre-emptive action against all internal threats. The Centre must use all means along with force to choke funds to the Maoists before a severe crackdown.
EXUBERANT fluttering of tri-colour on Independence Day in areas which were enveloped by dark clouds of terrorism in Kashmir Valley, religious processions marking Hindu festivals getting overwhelming welcome by people from all walks of life, and now the comeback of Srinagar Air Show after a gap of 14 years... these are all tell-tale signs of a massive turnaround in ground situation in Jammu & Kashmir since the unconstitutional Article 370 was abrogated by the Centre on August 5, 2019. Srinagar’s skies were busy holding a breathtaking show from Indian Air Force’s fighter jets and Chinook helicopters on Sunday as the Valley celebrated the exhibition with a new-found enthusiasm. This free spirit of the locals is the real success story in J&K after the watershed moment two years ago. The Union Territory is slowly but surely reaping benefits of removal of the Special Status as it continues a quick march towards integration with the mainstream. All these years, political compulsions and greed of a few had denied these benefits to the Kashmiri society. A few elements still talk about restoration of the controversial article but given the positivism in J&K, they will get snubbed soon.