Bundeli Gayan, Bharia dance enthrall one and all
   Date :29-Sep-2021

Artist Dadulaal Dandoliya
Staff Reporter :
Tribal Folk Arts and Dialect Development Academy headed the Gamak cultural program on Tuesday. In the program, Shubham Yadav and companions from Bhopal presented the Bundeli Gayan program, which was succeeded by Bharia folk dances presented by Dadulaal Dandoliya and team from Chhindwara. The programme opened to Bundeli Gayan performances, with the arrival of Shubham Yadav and companions on the stage. The cultural group presented the Bundeli renditions of Ganesh Vandana “Aa jaiyyon” and the Sohar song “Mori maiyya”, Gari song “Peele haath”, folk song “Inki patli kamar”, Chetawani folk song “Bane Dulha chhav”, Chiraiyya folk song “Mann bas gai” and the folk song “Chunaria ko karo”.
This was followed by Bhadam folk dances, presented by Dadulaal Dandolya and cultural team. Bhadam dance is popularly also called as Gunnu Sahi, Bhadni, Bhadnai, Bharanoti and Bhangam. This group dance is performed on marriages. The main instruments incorporated in these dances are dhol, timki and cymbals. This dance is performed overnight along with brief periods of relaxation in between. Ustad Alauddin Khan Music and Arts Academy will lead the sWednesday’s Gamak cultural programme. In the programme, Sadhna Jejurikar and team from Ujjain will present the Gayan performances, which will be taken over by Kathak dances by Maya Maryada Kulshreshtha and team from Gwalior.