Old NPA accounts of all women groups waived off
   Date :07-Sep-2021

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Staff Reporter :

Budget of loan for women groups has been increased by five times
CM House becomes maternal home for women as they celebrate Teej-Pola with the Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel
A step forward to fulfill the promises made in pre-poll manifesto, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Monday announced that the old NPA accounts of all the women groups will be waived off, providing women members of the groups a sigh of relief. The Chief Minister also announced that the budget of the loan for women groups will be hiked by five times in a gift to the women groups on the occasion of Teej-Pola festival. In this way, loan of Rs 12.77 crore of women groups was exempted. The Chief Minister celebrated Teej-Pola at his official residence on Monday. Large number of members of women groups attended the festival on the invitation of the Chief Minister. Rajya Sabha MP Phulodevi Netam said on the occasion that the economic activities by women groups in State has increased manifold under the tenure of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel who has announced many sops for self-reliance of women. It is to be mentioned around one lakh women had become ineligible to get a new loan when they failed to settle the loans taken by them in the past.
They had requested the Chief Minister to exempt the loan taken in the past, so that they can be able to get new the loan and start economic activities afresh. On the request, the budget of the loan amount given to women groups increased by five times. Meanwhile, the residence of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel turned maternal house for women who turned up to celebrate Teej-Pola and wish the chief minster on the occasion. Teej-Pola was celebrated with pomp and show at the Chief Minister’s residence. The rainbow colors of Chhattisgarhi culture were created in the Chief Minister’s residence. On the invitation of the Chief Minister, a large number of women in traditional attire participated in the event with great enthusiasm. Amidst chanting of mantras, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel along with his wife Mukteshwari Baghel and family members prayed for the state's happiness and prosperity by offering prayers to Lord Shiva, Nandi Baila and Chukian-Pora.
The Chief Minister extended festive greetings and wishes to all mothers and sisters on this occasion. Raut Nach and the team of Chhattisgarhi folk artists presented unique dance. Chhattisgarhi delicacies were arranged for the people at the Chief Minister’s residence. Health Minister T S Singhdeo, Women and Child Development Minister Anila Bhedia, Industries Minister Kawasi Lakhma, Forest Minister Mohammad Akbar, Revenue Minister Jaisingh Agarwal, Lok Sabha MP Jyotsna Mahant, Rajya Sabha MP Chhaya Verma, MP Phulodevi Netam, Parliamentary Secretary Chintamani Maharaj, MLA Vikas Upadhyay, Rashmi Singh, Shakuntala Sahu, Vinod Sevenlal Chandrakar, MLA Arun Vora, Uttari Jangde, Sangeeta Sinha, Mohitram Kerketta, Women Commission chairperson Kiranmayi Nayak, former MLA Pratima Chandrakar, State Mineral Development Corporation President Girish Dewangan, National Spokesperson Alka Lamba, Dr Ragini Nayak and many public representatives, and a large number of women were present. Three gates were made at the Chief Minister’s residence depicting the culture of Chhattisgarh. The main gate was decorated with the traditional Nandiya Baila of Pola festival. In front of the main gate, a beautiful display of paintings related to traditional swing- Raichul, bullock-cart, Bastar tribal art and Chhattisgarhi life were displayed. The central door was specially designed, it was made from traditional utensils associated with the Pola festival. The gallery between the middle and the third gate is given an attractive look with colourful pots and colourful tokens.
The decoration of the third gate has the impression of the culture of Surguja region. A sports zone has been created in the main courtyard where competitions like fugdi, spoon race, jalebi race, kabaddi, bag race etc. were organised. Women celebrated Teeja-Pora Tihar with full enthusiasm. A special selfie zone has also been created in the western part of the courtyard, where traditional utensils and kitchen items related to Chhattisgarhi rural culture like chutney, wood stove, paddy kutne ki dheki, mouser, janta, paddy measuring katha, sil-patta, khalbatta , supa, Bullock cart wheel, Jhoola, clay bull etc. have been displayed and panoramic pictures related to rural culture have been engraved on the wall. Selfie zone was set up in the window of this house equipped with rural environment. A temple was built next to the house where women will worship the Shivling.