Pola celebrated with zeal
   Date :07-Sep-2021

Pola _1  H x W:
 Children playing with clay bulk.
(Pic by Bhopal Dewangan)
Staff Reporter :
The people of Bhilai city and its nearest rural areas celebrated Pola on Monday. People of all age group enjoyed the festival by playing clay models of bulks, decorated households with clay models of utensils and made different types of cuisines. Pola is a thanksgiving festival celebrated by farmers as well as all communities of Chhattisgarh, to acknowledge the importance of bulls and oxen, who are a crucial part of agriculture and farming activities. It falls on Pithori Amavasya in Shraavana. Farmers don’t work their bulls in the farmland and celebrated the festival by playing with clay bulk, clay models of utensils and make cuisines.
Anup Chandrakar, Professional Photographer and a resident of Borsi area informed that in preparation for the festival, bulls are washed and massaged with oils. They are decorated with shawls, bells, and flowers, their horns are coloured, and they get new reins and ropes. The decorated bulls and oxen are walked in procession to the village field accompanied by music and dancing. In many areas, people enjoyed the festival by performing Raut Nacha and organised bulk competition.