Supare’s book ‘Yoga Shikshan’ released
   Date :07-Sep-2021

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Sports Reporter :
IN ORDER to make coming generation well aware of the benefits of yoga, Shankar Supare asked a youngster to release his book ‘Yoga Shikshan’ the other day. Eight-year-old Kaustubh released the book of Supare who was former Headmaster and Founder of Prakash High School. Dr Prakashe, director of the institution, was chief guest while present headmaster Rahul Meshram was guest of honour on the occasion. The function started with lighting of traditional lamp. Ashok Bhat and Kuratkar were prominently present.
Ananta Sawarkar conducted the proceedings while Sudhakar Bankar proposed a vote of thanks. Vinod Andreskar, Ravindra Chopade, Bala Nandankar, Hemant Gumgaokar, Sunil Bhanarkar, Diwakar Dharmik, Ramesh Dekate, Kunda Khante, Rakhi Khapekar, Anita Umredkar, Chhabu Vaidya and others worked hard to make the event a success. Eight-year-old Kaustubh releasing the book as guests look on.