All India Pola Lok Rang art expo to conclude today
    Date :08-Sep-2021

Pola Lok Rang_1 &nbs
Staff Reporter :
The 74th All India Pola Lok Rang online art exhibition will conclude on Wednesday. The art exhibition was available for public view on Facebook Id of Mahakaushal Kala Parishad and Mahakaushal Kala Vithika. The exhibition garnered 688 likes, 168 shares, 208 reactions, 208 follow-ups, 80 group shares, and views by 10800 people. The colours of Chhattisgarh’s folk art could be seen in exhibition. Different forms of Nandi (the Bull) enthralled the heart of visitors. The exhibition has been jointly organised by KP Sharma-Mahakaushal Kala Mahavidyalaya, Paryavaran Green Society, Government Nagarjuna Post-Graduate Science college Raipur and Lions Club Raipur Friends.
We have been introduced to different forms of Nandi since childhood since such as in the form of toys, in the form of demon being slay by Maa Durga, venerable form during Pola, in the form a demonic bull killed by Bhagwan Krishna, both raging and calm, Nandi sitting outside every Shiva Temple, in race, terracotta art in Mohenjodaro ruins, as a mount of Bhagwan Shiva and Maa Parvati etc. Nandi is present in all these forms at the exhibition. These paintings are made of water colour, pastel, acrylic, drawing pen, ink, charcoal, pencil, black & white photographs and monochrome, sculptors of metal, clay, wood, plaster, mashy, collage made of papers, computer graphic, doodle arts, graphic-boodcut print, leno cut print, litho printing, inching made, Rangoli, Alpana, Mandana, etc. Chhattisgarhi artists as Basant Sahu-Kurud, Dr Praveen Sharma, Jai Shri Bhagavnani, Sudha Sharma, Manoj Dewangan-Rajnandgaon, Arvind Yadu, Bharti Saxena, Samved Sharma, Riya Das, Shambhavi Sharma, and Dr Shikhar Sharma are participating with their paintings.