WCR starts computer-based exam for selection process
    Date :08-Sep-2021

 computer based test patt
Staff Reporter :
Moving in sync with Digital India and bringing more transparency in departmental exams, the Western Central Railway (WCR) has adopted computer-based test for selection in departmental examinations conducted by Railway Recruitment Board. Jabalpur Railway Division’s Personnel Department had organized computer-based test of JE/Works Exam in August 2021. A total of 13 candidates had appeared in the test. The IT team of Personnel Department of Jabalpur Railway Division has developed the computer-based-test software. The CBT test has many advantages. The question is secured with a password and the concerned person who sets the question paper, uploads it five minutes before the commencement of exam. Each candidate is given a unique pin. The candidate has to enter the secret pin before attempting the question paper. The answer sheet is accessible to the candidate beside the side panel of the screen. In case of query regarding the test software, candidates can continue the test from where it was paused. The serial number of question papers is different for each candidate, reducing the chances of copying. The candidates can give online feedback for making changes in the exam process.
The person, who sets the exam, uploads the model answer sheet in Excel sheet with the help of confidential pin. Mock tests are uploaded on exam sites of RRB to make the candidates familiar with the test pattern. Another feat in sand loading The Western Central Railway has achieved success in its efforts of generating revenue through freight loading of commodities. In the series, WCR performed sand loading for consecutive second time. Jabalpur Railway Division loaded 3,834 tons of sand from Gadarwara freight godown to Chaukhnadi (Lucknow division) for the first time on September 5 under Station-to-Station freight incentive scheme. The sand loading generated revenue of 43 lakhs. Work started on five tunnels on Barkhedi, Budhni Ghat route The WCR has given pace to the construction of 5 tunnels between Barkhedi-Budhni Ghat Section of Bhopal-Itarsi rail route. The combined length of 5 tunnels is 2150 meters. Western Central Railway has appointed Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) for construction of third rail track at Bhopal-Itarsi Railway block for increasing the capacity of railway tracks.
The third railway line encompasses of Habibganj-Barkheda Ghat section (41.42 km), Barkheda -Budhni Ghat section (26.5km) and Budhni-Itarsi Ghat section (25km) Ghat section. Besides, construction work of third line at Habibganj-Barkheda Ghat section and Budhni-Itarsi Ghat section has been completed and construction of third line at Barkheda -Budhni Ghat section is underway. The length of tunnel 1 is 1-1080 metre. The length of tunnel 2 is 200 metres. The length of tunnel 3 is 200 metre. The length of tunnel 4 is 140 metres and length of tunnel 5 is 530 metres. The Western Central Railway has targeted to complete the construction of tunnels by March 2022. The construction of third railway line at Bhopal -Itarsi rail route will be completed by June 2022. Likewise construction of third railway line at Bina-Itarsi will be completed soon. The construction of third railway line will prove helpful in increasing the speed of trains.