Kartikeya Goel-founded National Youth Parliament becoming major movement
   Date :11-Jan-2022

Kartikeya Goel founded
Business Bureau :
Founded by Kartikeya Goel in 2019, the National Youth Parliament is becoming a major movement in India, with the youth wanting to participate in a civilized debate on the issues of nation building. Budget Dialogues 2022, is a unique initiative, where 150 selected school students from across India will prepare the Union Budget of India. Five students from each state and union territory of India have been selected to represent the voice of school students at this National Youth Parliament. Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha Harivansh inaugurated the Budget Dialogues 2022 organized by National Youth Parliament on Monday. In his inaugural address, Harivansh highlighted the relevance of the theme of Budget Dialogues 2022 - Making India a Global Economic Power-house – by emphasizing that it is intricately linked with the existence of India. Harivansh also lauded the Start-up India scheme, a visionary entrepreneurship development programme launched by Prime Minister Narinder Modi.
He also lauded Kartikeya Goel, Founder & President of the National Youth Parliament for conceiving Budget Dialogues, which offers a platform for the youth to involve themselves in the process of nation-building. Setting the agenda for Budget Dialogues 2022, Kartikeya Goel noted: “This is our second consecutive Budget Dialogues; the first was held in January 2021. We feel that the Budget for 2022-23 is extremely crucial for India. In a post-COVID world order where countries are reorganizing their supply chains and looking at India as an important partner, the provisions of this year’s budget could lay the foundations for India to regain its position as a Global Economic Powerhouse. Through Budget Dialogues 2022, we wish to harness the creative and entrepreneurial instinct of India’s youth to transform India into the land of our dreams.” More than 5000 school students from more than 100 schools across India had participated in the preliminary stages. Among them, the best 150 school students have been selected as Youth Parliamentarians.