Date :22-Jan-2022

BY INTRODUCING the system of ranking to States for the time taken in granting environmental clearances to developmental projects, the Union Environment Ministry has taken a laudable step to ease out a complicated process. Environmental clearance to infrastructure projects is a big hurdle in the current system which affects even project of national importance.
It is the responsibility of State Governments to grant green signal to development projects but many times the process is caught in political considerations or local issues which has a direct bearing on Centre’s ambitious plans. The new system of ranking States based on the time taken in according clearances to such projects will definitely encourage transparency, efficiency and accountability. Incentivising good and prompt work is the way to march ahead for the larger benefit of the country. And the ranking system is the perfect way to achieve this goal. The decision can spur a healthy competition among States to gain incentives and also act as a filter to weed out unnecessary politics. It is also a democratic means to recognise good practices in governance.