Date :29-Jan-2022

TWO separate attacks on a mobile tower and a railway track by Maoists in Giridih district of Jharkhand are acts of desperation by the Left Wing Extremists who are fighting a losing battle with the State. Both attacks were purportedly carried out to protest the arrest of the banned outfit’s top leader Prashant Bose alias Kishan Da, who had a bounty of Rs One crore on his head. Both the incidents were result of panic that has set in the Maoist groups after the major crackdown on LWE in affected parts of the country. These are signs of the movement withering away in face of strict steps initiated by the Centre to wipe out Naxalism from the country. The attack on the railway track could only result in blowing of fish plates that delayed rail traffic for a few hours. That the Maoists had to indulge in such nonsensical gimmicks to make their presence felt underlines the fear that has crept into the groups. All across the country Naxal groups are being dealt bodyblows by the CAPFs and police forces. There is also a growing anger among villagers in Naxal-affected regions against the Maoists as the locals are realising their nefarious designs. It is only a matter of time before the scourge is wiped out.