Mor-Maniyar record thrilling win
   Date :05-Jan-2022

Mor Maniyar
THE pair of Mahesh Mor and JK Maniyar recorded a thrilling victory over Deepak and Ashish in their second round match of Shri Raibahadur Madhavlal Tulsidas Parikh Memorial Snicket Tournament in progress at Gondwana Club on Tuesday evening. Mor-Maniyar and DeepakAshish scored 39 each in the first frame. In the best-of-three frames match, Mor-Maniyar won the next two 90-78, 62-21. In an earlier match, Abhishek and Sunil registered a comfortable 134-79, 155-50 straight frames win over Karan Kale Sunit Rai.