Deal Street has best year with over 2,220 deals in 2021: Report
   Date :08-Jan-2022

Deal Street
DEAL Street had the best year in 2021, clocking the highest tallies in both value and volume terms at USD 115 billion involving 2,224 deals, an industry report said.
This was USD 37 billion and 867 transactions more than the corresponding figures for 2020.
While 499 mergers and acquisitions (M&As) worth USD 42.9 billion were concluded in the year gone by, there were 1,624 private equity deals involving USD 48.2 billion, and 101 IPOs and QIPs worth USD 23.9 billion, of which 65 initial public offerings alone fetched a record USD 17.7 billion, according to data collated by Grant Thornton.
The year was also a record in terms of large deals as there were 14 deals of over USD 1 billion each, 15 between USD 500 million and USD 999 million, and 135 between USD 100 million and USD 499 million.
Though these transactions accounted for only 8 per cent of volume, they fetched as much as 80 per cent of value, the report said. Of the overall deals, domestic deals constituted 76 per cent and the rest were cross-border ones. PE investment rose to a record USD 48.2 billion across 1,624 deals and of them, 112 were of USD 100 million and above.
As much as 66 per cent of these funds went into startups and e-commerce trumped with 32 per cent of the total. Players from retail and consumer, education and pharma constituting 9-10 per cent of PE volume.