Aligarh couple makes world’s largest lock, to be dedicated to Ram temple
   Date :09-Jan-2022

Aligarh couple
By Vivek Tripathi :
A WELL-KNOWN locksmith in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh district along with his wife has made the world’s largest lock. This lock, which opens only with a 30 kg key, will be dedicated by the couple to the Ram temple being constructed in Ayodhya. The picture of Lord Ram has been engraved on this lock which costs Rs two lakh. Sixty five-year-old Satyaprakash Sharma, a locksmith and a resident of Aligarh’s Jwalapuri area, told IANS that it has taken him nearly six months to make this lock which weighs nearly 400 kg and is ten feet in length.
The lock’s width is four and a half feet, he added. Satyaprakash will finish brass work in the lock before giving it to the Ram temple in Ayodhya. Earlier, he had made a lock weighing 300 kg, which has attracted eyeballs in the whole country. He said that many changes will be made in this lock before sending it to Ayodhya. The box, lever and hood of the lock will be made of brass. A steel scrap seat will be installed on the lock to prevent it from rust, for this purpose he needs more money so he is asking for monetary help.