‘Interpol plays no role in curbing terrorism’
   Date :18-Oct-2022

Interpol plays
INTERPOL plays no role in curbing any state-sponsored activities such as terrorism and its focus is on cyber criminals, drug dealers and child abusers, its Secretary General Jurgen Stock said on Monday. Stock addressed the press on the eve of the 90th General Assembly of Interpol in Delhi in which police chiefs and ministers of 195 countries are likely to participate. The General Assembly will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday. Asked if the global body will take steps to curb actions of States backing terrorism and sheltering terror accused, Stock said, “We are playing no role to be very specific and concrete.
If there is any state activity Interpol is not conducting any activity.” “We are focussing primarily on so called, according to our Constitution, ordinary law crime. We are going against child abusers, rapists, murderers, drug dealers, cyber criminals who want to make billions of money that is Interpol’s focus. That is the majority of crime that occurs around the world. That is why Interpol exists,” he said. He said Interpol is a platform which allows its member countries to share information. Stock said there is “some confusion” about what a Red Notice issued by Interpol is and more importantly what it is not. PM Modi to address 90th Interpol general assembly today: PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday will address the 90th Interpol general assembly. The general assembly will be held from October 18 to 21 here. The general assembly is Interpol’s supreme governing body and meets once a year to take key decisions related to its functioning. The meeting is taking place in India after a gap of about 25 years, it was last held in 1997.