Cabinet approves Rs 678 crore for CM Rise Scheme
   Date :10-Nov-2022

CM Rise Scheme 
Staff Reporter
A meeting of the Cabinet was held in Mantralaya on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The Cabinet decided to give administrative approval of Rs 678.82 crore for the construction of 23 higher secondary school buildings of Tribal Welfare Department under CM Rise Scheme. According to the decision, out of 23 schools building construction works in CM Rise scheme, construction agency of 11 works will be Project Implementation Unit, Public Works Department, construction agency for six works is Building Development Corporation and for six works Madhya Pradesh Police Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation will be the construction agency. Along with this, tribal work was allowed to be kept free from the index for approval of construction works in the CM Rise scheme from the budget provisioned in the State capital head of the financial year.
Approval of academic posts for 8 new model graduate colleges: Under the RUSA project, 336 academic and 200 non-academic, total 536 new posts were created, for the establishment of one new model graduate college each in Damoh, Rajgarh, Barwani, Chhatarpur, Guna, Khandwa, Singrauli and Vidisha and approval of Rs 12,658 lakh has been given for the recurring and non-recurring expenditure. Increase in the amount for the ration arrangements of fair price shops: The Cabinet decided to increase the commission of fair price shops on food grains, transportation expenses and additional commission of POS machines. In this, the commission on distribution of food grains to the fair price shops of urban areas will be increased from Rs 70 to Rs 90 per quintal, Rs 10,500 per month will be given to the fair price shops in rural areas if they have more than 200 ration cards and are full time vendors. Similarly, fair price shops in rural areas having less than 200 ration cards and being full time vendors will be given Rs 6,000 per month and Rs 3,000 per month if they are part time vendors in rural areas. Similarly, for opening new shops in 1,514 panchayats without shop, Rs 6,000 per month commission in food grains will be given. The amount per quintal has been increased from Rs 65 to Rs 70 per quintal in the transportation and handling of food grains. Also, the additional margin amount for POS of fair price shops has been increased from Rs 17 per quintal to Rs 21 per quintal. On all these, in addition to the regular 50 per cent amount, Rs 52.20 crore will be spent per month by the State Government.
Permission for Mukhya Mantri Yuva Annadoot Scheme: The Cabinet gave permission to implement Mukhya Mantri Yuva Annadoot Scheme in the public distribution system and other welfare schemes in the state. In this, in the first phase of Udyam Kranti Yojana, 888 unemployed youths will be provided vehicles with bank loans. With this, the ration material allotted in the Targeted Public Distribution System and other welfare schemes will be transported from the supply centre to the fair price shops.
Operation of Crop Residue Management scheme: The Cabinet decided to introduce Crop Residue Management scheme to discourage the practice of burning Narwai (crop residue), increase agricultural mechanisation and conserve soil moisture. Grants will be made available by identifying the useful power-operated agricultural machines in the scheme and on their purchase by the farmers. 50 percent subsidy will be given to small, marginal, women, SC and ST farmers and 40 percent to other farmers. The Directorate of Agricultural Engineering will implement the scheme.
Scheme for Promotion of Primary Processing: The Cabinet decided to conduct a new scheme Promoting Primary Processing to provide subsidy assistance to rural youths for setting up custom processing centres on bank loan basis. The implementation of the scheme will be done by the Directorate of Agricultural Engineering.
211 posts of Madhya Pradesh Building Development Corporation approved: The Cabinet approved the set-up of 211 posts for the smooth functioning of Madhya Pradesh Building Development Corporation. In this, post-facto approval of 198 posts approved earlier and 13 new posts were given. Approval was given to give a budgetary grant of Rs 15 crore per annum for the first five years for the salary, allowances and establishment expenses of the officers and employees posted in the corporation.
Rs 100 crore for enhanced fish production: The Cabinet decided to implement ‘Mukhya Mantri Matsya Vikas Yojana’ for the next two years (2022-23 and 2023-24). Rs 100 crore will be spent for promoting fisheries and increasing fish production in the State in two years.
Approval for creation of 121 new posts for civil wing: The Cabinet decided to build a civil wing for the construction and maintenance work of medical colleges. Headquarters of Civil Wing will be set up in Commissioner, Medical Education and 5 sub-divisional offices at Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Jabalpur and Rewa. A total of 121 new posts have been approved for its operation. The work of new construction and maintenance of buildings will be done by this wing costing up to Rs 10 crore.
Free land allotment for airstrip: The Cabinet has decided to allot 1.948 hectare land of Umri village in Huzur tehsil, 7.199 hectares of Chorhata village, 5.391 hectares of Chorhati village and 10.735 hectares of Agdal village, totalling 25.273 hectares i.e. 61.945 acres of land free of cost to Airports Authority of India for the development of Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) for the operation of ATR-72 type aircraft on Rewa airstrip and expansion of existing airstrip.
Fixing of reimbursement assistance amount: The Cabinet has made provision for industrial investment promotion assistance/VAT CST reimbursement assistance for large-scale industries by the State Government under the Industry Promotion Policy 2010/2014. In order to take advantage of this facility, in the calculation formula mentioned in the mandate issued on June 22, 2018, it was decided to clarify that the actual assistance amount should be determined on the basis of the value of the item sold in the calculation of sales calculator.
Post-facto approval of toll collection: The Cabinet has given ex-facto approval for the collection of consumer fee (toll) by September 26, 2034, through selected agency on Indore-Ujjain road (length 48.9 km) by
the Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation. Post-facto approval was given by Road Development Corporation to levy toll after cancellation of concession contract. Approval has been given to implement distance based basic toll rates on Indore-Ujjain road (length 48.9 km). On the Indore-Ujjain road, the following categories of vehicles were allowed to be exempted from toll, (1) All vehicles of the Government of India and the Government of Madhya Pradesh should be on government duty. (2) Vehicles of Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assembly. (3) All vehicles of the Indian Army when on duty. (4) Ambulance. (5) Fire Brigade. (6) Vehicles of the Indian Postal and Telegraph Department. (7) Tractor-trolleys and bullock carts used for agricultural purpose. (8) Auto Rickshaw, Two wheeler. (9) Freedom fighters and accredited journalists. (10) A vehicle of former MPs and MLAs. Disposal of property: The Cabinet has decided to allow the District Collector take action of proceedings of the contract/registry of the tractor scheme Old Itarsi ward no. 1, property of Itarsi teshil, Khasra number 449/1 and 447/2/1 total area of 8,000 square meters of the Revenue Department located in Narmadapuram district, for disposal of 8,000 square meters, recommending the highest tender amount of Rs 11 crore 91 lakh 11 thousand 121 to sell it after getting 100 percent of the tender amount deposited by the H-1 tenderer.
The Cabinet took the decision to allow the district collector take action of proceedings of contract/registry of Ward No. 65, Sheet No. 630/2 of Virpur village of the Revenue Department located in Gwalior district for the withdrawal of total area of 297.90 sq.m. after selling the land asset, recommending the advanced tender amount of Rs 77.93 lakh and getting 100 per cent of the tender amount deposited by the H-1 tenderer.mThe Cabinet decided to conduct proceedings of contract/registry of ward No. 50, Pipalyahana, Plot Part 01, Survey No. 471, area of 1380 square meters and Part 02, Survey No. 472, area of 3700 square meters, for disposal of parcels after selling the highest tender amount of Rs 10,59,48,000 and recommending the highest tender amount of Rs 28,16,44,000 and getting 100 per cent of the tender amount deposited by the H-1 tenderer.