Assassination attempt on Imran a lone-wolf attack; ‘no conspiracy’
   Date :13-Nov-2022

Assassination attempt on Imran
AN INTELLIGENCE agency report submitted to Pakistan’s federal government on assassination attempt on former Prime Minister Imran Khan “does not find any conspiracy involved” and terms it a “lone-wolf” attack, a media outlet reported. The report says that the gunshots by the pistol were followed by SMG fire by some unknown deputed for security purposes in the rally.
It says that no other associate of the assailant has been ascertained so far, ‘The News’ reported. While referring to the post-mortem report, it said that the wound on the head of the only deceased in the attack was apparently caused by a rifle projectile and was not due to 30 bore or 9mm pistol fire. As per the CTD forensic team, the report said, eight bullets hit the container-top, six bullet holes were found, whereas two bullets brushed aside the container wall. The report said that one assailant opened fire on the container carrying Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan and other leaders. 13 persons, including Imran Khan, sustained injuries, whereas an individual died on the spot.