Live tracking of loco pilot, asst loco pilot, track possible through Crew Voice and VRS
   Date :14-Nov-2022

 loco pilot 
Staff Reporter
Railways are going to monitor live tracking of loco pilot, assistant loco pilot and rail track through Crew Voice and Video Recording System by installing CCTV cameras in rail engines. Passengers’ security is top priority for railways and several advanced technologies are being adopted for safe goods transportation. In the series, railways are making provision for installing CCTVs in rail engines for live streaming of rail tracks through running trains and monitoring loco pilot and assistant loco pilot through Crew Voice and Video Recording System. It will help railway administration to collect information about hurdles, OHE or signal and other information to ensure safety of trains.
In the project, 6/8 IP based digital CCTV cameras will be installed in every engine while 8 channel NVR and 4 TB hard disk will be installed. CCTV cameras will have inbuilt microphone for voice recording while 2/4 cameras will be installed on roof of front and backside of every engine while two cameras will be available in cabin. Crew Voice and Video Recording System will prove very helpful in investigation of any accident or irregularities. New system will help the rail administration for monitoring of OHE line, rail track monitoring, keeping eye on loco pilots and any kind of untoward situation. CCTV cameras will be IP based for remote monitoring and its recording will not be easily deleted. Its data will be protected for next 90-days on first in, first out basis.
The system has been designed for minus-10 to 55-degree Celsius temperature with night vision facility. Installation of CCTVs in rail engines is being carried out under West Central Railway at Itarsi Loco Shade, New Katni Junction Loco Shade and Tuglakabad Loco Shade and installation has been completed in total 55 lock include 20 at Itarsi Loco Shade, 13 at New Katni Junction Loco Shade and 22 at Tuglakabad Loco Shade. System procurement is being carried out by central agency by Chhitranjan Locomotive Works. Total 445 more engines will be soon installed with Crew Voice and Video Recording System.