Local supplies improve, vegetable prices drop
   Date :15-Nov-2022

Local supplies 
Business Bureau
The agri produce of local farmers has started arriving in the city markets resulting in steep drop in prices in the range of 40-50 per cent in the wholesale market. “With good local supplies the vegetable prices have dropped by 40-50 per cent, as compared to the prices in past 15 days,” said Ram Mahajan, Secretary of Mahatma Phule Sabji Bazaar Association and one of the leading vegetable wholesalers while talking to The Hitavada on Monday.
The local farmers residing in near by villages within the radius of 30 to 35 kilometres from Nagpur bring huge quantity of vegetables in winter season.
Mahajan said, “Generally it is found that during the three months from November to January the vegetable prices remain on lower side because of the ample supplies and suitable climate conditions. The quality of the vegetables is also better as compared to the summer harvest.”
The number of vehicles supplying vegetables has suddenly jumped from the past 15 days. On a daily average more than 110 to 120 small tempos loaded with vegetable are coming to the Mahatma Phule vegetable wholesale market. Earlier there were 60 to 70 vehicles coming to the market, he said. The number of tempos bringing vegetables may increase in the coming days as the supplies rise from the near by villages, he pointed out.
The local vegetables are coming from Katol, Saoner, Bhandara, Panchgoan, Kuhi, Kalmeshwar, Borkhedi, Umrer, Mouda among other nearby places. Only a small number of vegetables like peas and cucumbers are coming from far off places like New Delhi and Jabalpur, Mahajan said.
In the Mahatma Phule wholesale market the vegetables are being quoted: Peas at Rs 55 per kg to Rs 60 per kg, Cauliflower at Rs 10 kg, Cabbage at Rs 12 kg, Lady Finger at Rs 15 kg,
Tomato at Rs 10 to Rs 15 per kg, Brinjal at Rs 15 per kg, Shimla Mirch at Rs 30 to Rs 35 per kg, Spinach at Rs 10 per kg, Methi at Rs 40 per kg, Cucumber at Rs 15 per kg, Coriander at Rs 30 to Rs 40 per kg, Green Chilly at Rs 30 per kg, Radish at Rs 15 kg and Gawar Falli at Rs 20 to Rs 30 per kg, he said. The prices may come down even further from these levels as supplies rise by next month, Mahajan added.