You are born to become great in this human life: Swami Jnanamurtyananda at RCOEM
   Date :17-Nov-2022

Swami Jnanamurtyananda 
Business Bureau
SWAMI Jnanamurtyananda, Ramkrishna Math, Nagpur, in his inaugural address started with a shlok, adhering to all mentors, students and God at GYANODAYA 2022, the induction programme for first year newly admitted students at RCOEM. He congratulated the students on being a part of the prestigious institution for their education.
GYANODAYA 2022, is the induction programme for first year Engineering, MCA and MBA Integrated students, which was held on November 16. The function was inaugurated by lighting the traditional lamp at the hands of Swami Jnanamurtyananda, Ramkrishna Math, Nagpur chief guest for the occasion.
He also threw light upon the importance of real knowledge of working of mankind and character building. “You are born to become great in this human life”, was one of the many quotes that he stated.
He spoke about the values which are deemed necessary to become a responsible citizen of the country.
Satyanarayan Nuwal, Chairman, RCOEM, Rajendra Purohit, General Secretary, RCOEM, Chandrakant Thakar, Vice Chairman, RCOEM, Kailashchand Agrawal, Secretary, RCOEM, Ashok Kumar Pacheriwala, Treasurer, RCOEM, Dr R S Pande, Principal, Dr Rashmi Shahu, Dean of Students, Dr Sanjogta Meshram, First Year Incharge BE, General Secretary, SRC, Suryadeep Khungar and Cultural Secretary, SRC Anatara Andulkar were present on
the dais.