Date :19-Nov-2022

CONGRESS leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi is at it again -- as if it is his life’s mission to malign Swatantryaveer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar falsely. What he gains out of such an attempt even he may not be knowing. For, when he blasts the legendary son of India during his Maharashtra leg of Bharat Jodo Yatra, Mr. Rahul Gandhi is hurting his party’s cause because no person from Maharashtra is going to appreciate such an utter nonsense being dished out by anybody. Swatantryaveer Savarkar was and is an eternal darling of Maharashtra -- as well as of India -- and maligning him serves no purpose. Time and again, it has been proved that Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s interpretation of the so-called mercy petition written by Swatantryaveer Savarkar is altogether wrong. Despite that, the Congress leader has not stopped maligning the iconic patriot. And he chose the Maharashtra leg of his across-the-country walk to heap all sorts of falsehood on Swatantryaveer Savarkar. It is difficult to fathom what kind of narrative Mr. Gandhi seem to work up. On the surface, at least, such a narrative is going to be a self-defeating exercise for the Congress party, which Mr. Rahul Gandhi does not realise or does not want to realise.
Such utterances prove that Mr. Rahul Gandhi knows no history and also does not know how to interpret history in the context of the period in which an episode might have taken place. This context is often very wide, and far removed from the changed context of the present day. For example, when Mr. Rahul Gandhi refers to the last words of the Savarkar petition -- Your obedient servant -- he does not realise that that was how most learned people ended their communications in those days. And these learned men include even Mahatma Gandhi and Mr. Motilal Nehru (Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s Great Grandfather). On several occasions, Mahatma Gandhi is known to have written letters to high British officers stating that he (the Mahatma) had served the British Empire like none else did.
Writing mercy petitions and getting out of prisons to start serving the national cause again was the standard practice those days. Such petitions were written by Mr. Motilal Nehru as well -- to seek release of his son Jawahar from the Nabha jail in Punjab, where Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had gone for a protest demonstration and was jailed. Mr. Motilal Nehru wrote a letter to a high British officer assuring that Jawahar would never go to Nabha again, and requested him to release him from prison. By the way, that prison term ended in just 12 days, as can be noted from history. Several other patriots languishing in prison sought such release -- only to keep serving the national cause after their release.
By his own standards, then, Mr. Rahul Gandhi should blast Mahatma Gandhi and his own Great Grandfather as well. If he does that, he will establish himself as a non-partisan politician. But will he ever do that?
Obviously, this history is not known to Mr. Rahul Gandhi, for he has never tried to read India’s history of which his own party has been an integral part. When a national leader is so ignorant of history and its reference to context, then he is more likely to prove to be a liability and not an asset to the party especially in election time. This is what has been happening with Mr. Rahul Gandhi for the past several years. Thanks to his immature leadership, the Congress party has been decimating itself over the past one decade in a systematic manner -- as if there is plan to destroy it -- which Mr. Rahul Gandhi is implementing with meticulous care!
If Mr. Gandhi wants to damage his own party’s electoral prospects, then that is his choice. The trouble, however, is that his irresponsible and false statements cause some damage to the national fabric in the short and long terms -- which he does not seem to realise, nor are there people who can remind him of the negative power of what Mr. Gandhi is doing.
Political observers and journalists with no political agenda have often cautioned Mr. Rahul Gandhi against such behaviour. We also have often tried to warn him about the dangers hidden in his actions. Yet, the Congress leader does not seem to be in a mood to listen to wise counsel for whatever reasons.