Government to publish frameworks to check fake reviews on e-commerce websites next week
   Date :21-Nov-2022

e-commerce websites  
Business Bureau
The Government will publish next week frameworks to counter fake reviews and unverified star ratings on e-commerce websites, hotel and travel booking platforms, according to Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh.
Since e-commerce involves a virtual shopping experience without any opportunity to physically view or examine the product, consumers heavily rely on reviews posted on platforms to see the opinion and experiences of users who have already purchased the goods or services.
But fake reviews and star ratings mislead consumers into buying online products and services. To check fake reviews, Singh said the Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA) has finalised frameworks after studying the present mechanism being followed by the e-commerce entities in India and best practices available globally.
“After consultation with stakeholders, we have finalised frameworks to counter fake reviews. The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) has also come out with a standard. The frameworks for fake review management will be published next week,” he said. Probably, India will be the first country to have developed frameworks for fake review management, he said. “Initially, it will be voluntary and gradually will be made mandatory,” he added.