Govt rolls back decision after protests by medical colleges across State
   Date :24-Nov-2022

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Staff Reporter
Following symbolic strike staged by doctors associated with Government medical colleges across the State, including Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College Hospital, the State Government rolled back its decision. According to the claims made by the Medical Teacher Association, the State-wide symbolic strike compelled the Government to roll back its decision regarding appointment of administrative officers at different Medical Colleges. The senior doctors’ strike was further joined by the junior doctors.
According to the senior doctors, the State Government’s decision was beyond practicality. If go through the claims made by the Medical Teacher Association, Directorate of Medical Education in the State has taken the decision back following the strict symbolic strike staged by the Medical teachers.
The sources further added that although the State Government has made continuous attempts to deploy administrative officers to handle administration at Medical Colleges since few years.
Earlier, out of two posts, one was filled for Director of Medical Education (DME) and other for Commissioner.
The Director of Medical Education was made decisive authority for all the medical colleges of the State who snatched all the powers from the directors of many medical colleges.
The DME took all the decisions right from purchase to other significant decisions which affected the interest of students and other medical staff. Due to which, the autonomous body of the colleges had to depend on the DME before taking any decision.