Rs 5 lakh cash, IEDsdropped by ‘enemy’drone in J&K’s Samba
   Date :25-Nov-2022

Rs 5 lakh cash, IED 
POLICE on Thursday recovered a consignment of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), pistols and cash dropped by a drone from across the border in Jammu and Kashmir’s Samba district, officials said. Senior Superintendent of Police Abhishek Mahajan told reporters that local people saw the consignment, somewhere between Ramgarh and Vijaypur, about five-six kilometres away from the International Border, at around 6.15 am and they informed the police. He said the bomb disposal squad recovered twounassembled IEDs with detonators, two Chinese pistols, 4magazines with 60 rounds andRs 5 lakh in Rs 500 denomination.The consignment was covered in a wooden box with asteel base, the SSP said. “It is case of cross-borderdrone-dropping.We are investigating it,” he said. “The consignment could have been usedfor untoward incident, but theattempt has been foiled.” TheSSP said the police team andlocal people will be rewarded.