Poor, homeless feel winter pinch as JMC fails to arrange bonfires
   Date :29-Nov-2022

winter pinch  
Staff Reporter
Indifferent attitude of the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation (JMC) officials in arranging bonfire at public places is proving dear to poor people. Despite the Garden Department of the JMC having enough stock of firewood, it is showing reluctance in making the arrangement for poor and homeless people.
The city has already started experiencing cold weather. Mercury has begun to plummet during nights. Within few days chilly winds will also start blowing from North and will add to chilliness in the weather. Every year, the civic body starts making the arrangement with onset of winter. But, this year it is paying negligence in arranging bonfire at public places. The carelessness is causing inconvenience to poor people.
There are hundreds of places in the city where beggars, poor people, rickshaw pullers, gather and spend nights under open sky. Similarly, a number of labour-class people who migrate to the city in search of employment also spend nights at public places. These needy collect waste papers, plastic material, carton etc., to make bonfire to counter biting cold during nights. As cold waves have already started blowing with moderate speed and plummeting mercury. In few days wintry winds would send shiver the spines of people and force them to drape in their finest woolen clothes to counter cold. But so far poor are concerned, they will have to face trembling time as garden department of Municipal Corporation is showing no hurry in arranging bonfire for poor. Social organisations and even the Chairman of the JMC have demanded the JMC administration to arrange bonfire at public places like Railway station, Bus stands, Rickshaw stands, main temples and other similar places so that poor can spend nights comfortably.