Platform to promote regenerative cotton farming practice launched
   Date :30-Nov-2022

cotton farming 
Business Bureau
Solidaridad Asia, Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) and regenagri on Tuesday announced the launch of the Alliance of Cotton & Textile Stakeholders on Regenerative Agriculture (ACRE) to promote regenerative cotton farming practice in India.
The Alliance (ACRE) estimates the adoption of such a practice will help fix at least 1 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 2030, while improving the livelihood of more than 500,000 smallholder cotton farmers and their community through various partnerships in India.
The ACRE Alliance was launched at the event ‘Reclaim to Regenerate: Towards Regenerative Cotton Sector in India’ in Nagpur. Rijit Sengupta, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Responsible Business; Heske Verburg, Managing Director, Solidaridad, Global; Franco Constantini, Managing Director, regenagri Certification; Dr Shatadru Chattopadhayay, Managing Director, Solidaridad Asia; and Dr Nilay Ranjan, Head, CSR and Sustainability, Vodafone Idea were present.
Through this Alliance, Solidaridad and CRB believe the required shift in agricultural practices will be possible because of a new, more systemic form of collaboration between stakeholders across the value chain, which includes farmer groups, ginners, traders, buyers, brands, as well as agricultural and textile authorities.
The programme was attended by frontrunner responsible buyers, brands and textile value chain actors who are committed to sustainability and value regenagri cotton principles. The partners also provided a call to action in the form of the Nagpur Declaration, to be signed by responsible companies committing their support to regenagri-certified cotton.
Solidaridad, CRB and regenagri believe that regenagri-certified cotton is sustainable, ensures fair value to farmers and complies with national and international policy priorities. By working with the stakeholder groups, they are confident of achieving, in the next one year, 50,000 tonnes of regenagri-certified cotton from the fields of 10,000 farmers, and being used by 10 or more fashion brands.