MIHAN-SEZ units bearing brunt of high power tariff
   Date :06-Nov-2022

Business Bureau :
While attracting the investors in the much-hyped MIHAN-SEZ, the Government had promised to supply power at a very competitive rate of Rs 2.98 per unit. But in due course of time, the tall claim of the authorities fell flat and those who have set up units in the special economic zone are now shelling out a much higher price than what they actually deserve. As per the current power tariff, the existing units are paying about Rs 4.50 per unit. This is a not only affecting the exiting units in the MIHAN - SEZ, but also diluting the interests of those who are exploring investment opportunities in the area.
At the time of inception of MIHAN-SEZ, the Maharashtra Airport Development Company Ltd. (MADC) had invited the investors by promising them power through a captive power plant. Accordingly, the Abhijeet Group was supposed to set up a power generation plant in the area and supply it to the units in MIHAN-SEZ. But one of the other reasons, the captive power plant failed to do so and the MADC had to supply power to the units after purchasing it from the open market. In such a scenario, the 70 to 75 existing units in the MIHAN-SEZ are bearing the brunt of high cost of power. Moreover, new investment in the area is also not happening in a desired manner. Commenting on this, power expert and office-bearer of Vidarbha Industries Association R B Goenka said that the Government should supply power in a rate which was promised. “The investors had put their money here because of the low power tariff. They should get it. Moreover, if power tariff is low, others will also come and invest in the MIHAN-SEZ,” he observed.