Date :05-Feb-2022

THAT most States and Union Territories in India are recording a decline in COVID-19 cases and positivity rate indicates that the so-called third wave is on its way out. Medical experts had predicted the peak of the wave in the second week of February on basis of the surging cases of Omicron and Delta variants. However, the wave seems to have reached the peak and the decreasing positivity rate is a clear sign of the cases approaching plateau.
Low number of hospitalisation and quick recovery of affected patients have provided the biggest relief for the medical fraternity which was readying to cope up with a dangerous outbreak like what happened in the second wave last year. The welcome change in the situation is result of multiple reasons but the biggest factor that has kept India out of the harm’s way is vaccination. There is decreased spread of infection among the fully vaccinated which has led to a low TPR. Data and case study of the fatalities in this wave also prove that most of the deceased were either non-vaccinated for co-morbid. It again is an eyeopener to the society to keep following the safety norms and carry on calmly.