Date :08-Feb-2022

time n tide
THE Central leadership of the Congress party has opted for a calculated gamble by naming incumbent Chief Minister Mr. Charanjit Singh Channi as its CM candidate in the upcoming Assembly elections. Despite popular perception of another claimant for the post, Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu, sharing a close bond with Gandhi siblings, Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Ms. Priyanka Vadra-Gandhi, the Congress High Command chose to snub Mr. Sidhu with an apparent eye on cashing in on Mr. Channi’s Dalit identity. The decision has ruffled many feathers in Punjab Congress and can also boomerang on the Gandhis despite their belief that Mr. Channi will be able to consolidate the State’s decisive Dalit vote bank and form Government again. In one stroke, the Congress has shifted the focus from anti-incumbency to caste and identity politics. However, at the same time it has also created a Frankenstein in the form of Mr. Sidhu. The Congress decision has come as a huge setback for the Punjab Congress President and it is bound to bring consequences for the party. Mr. Sidhu has tread a maverick path since the removal of Mr. Amarinder Singh as CM. Given his habit of courting controversies, he is set to rock the Congress boat sooner than later.
WORD OF CAUTION INDIA’S young champions have earned their stripes with the record-breaking fifth Under-19 World Cup win and deserve all the encomiums and windfall after the feat. This moment is set to become a big turning point in their careers and even they are aware of the drastic changes that await them as future stars of Indian cricket. Amid the din of congratulations and celebrations, young captain Yash Dhull’s words on his future as a cricketer stand out for their sanity and maturity. Dhull has marked his focus in the future only and only on cricket instead of other things that come attached with stardom. This is a much-welcome approach which has to become a set template for the young champions. Remaining firmly on the ground will be the biggest test for Dhull and Co as the fraternity will try its best to mould them its own way. The pitfalls of celebrity status must be made aware to the youngsters for a simple reason that many former U-19 champions had fallen in trap of glamour to found themselves in wilderness even before their career could take off. A look at the players from four earlier U-19 WC triumphs would tell the ‘what if’ story in a precise manner. Glamour is dangerous!