Pregnant woman who was injured in Mariupol hospital bombing dies
   Date :15-Mar-2022

Pregnant woman
A PREGNANT woman who was injured during the Russian shelling of a maternity hospital in Ukraine’s Mariupol city on March 10, has died, which increased the overall fatalities in the attack to four, a media report said citing a journalist as saying. The Ukayinska Pravda newspaper quoted Voice of America journalist Asya Dolina as saying in a Facebook post that “the pregnant girl seen in video/photo reports from the bombing site of the children’s hospital no.3 in Mariupol (maternity hospital), the one who was carried on a stretcher, did not survive”.
“Her unborn child did not survive,” she added. The hospital strike, one of the worst attacks since Russia started its war on February 24, also injured 17 others. The Mariupol City Council on Sunday claimed that in 24 hours, there were at least 22 bombings.