HCG Cancer Centre successfully treats penile cancer patient
   Date :01-May-2022

HCG Cancer Centre nagpur
Business Bureau :
Adding another feather to the long list of successful recoveries of patients and their stories of wins, the doctors at the HCG NCHRI Cancer Centre, Nagpur successfully diagnosed and treated 60-year-old man, suffering from Penile Squamous Cell Carcinoma or penile cancer. He was treated by eminent senior doctors at the HCG NCHRI Cancer Hospital after he was diagnosed by conducting an ICG dye test. The man came to HCG NCHRI Cancer Hospital presenting some soreness in the tip of his penis and on his penile shaft and it was ulcero-proliferative in nature. Upon analysing the symptoms and complaints, Dr Krunal Khobragade, Consultant, Surgical Oncologist, HCG NCHRI Centre Nagpur conducted Contrast Enhance Computerized Tomography (CECT) of the abdomen and pelvic region to picturise the blood vessels, other bodily tissues, bones as well as organs.
The penile growth in the case of the person had a high chance of spreading to the groin nodes. Since the cancer was diagnosed in its early stage, ICG test was followed by a successful partial penectomy, a surgery to remove some or all parts of penis. Dr Krunal Khobragade said, “Conventional groin node dissection through surgery and sending the entire fatty component for pathological examination carries the risk of wound complications. I am glad we were able to execute this procedure and helped in relieving the pain and improving the patient’s health.” Post his successful diagnosis and treatment, the man is now leading a healthy life.