Mango prices fall on bulk supplies
   Date :10-May-2022
Mango prices
Business Bureau
When the prices of all essential commodities are at record high levels the mango prices have defied inflation and dropped in the market. This has put smiles on the faces of mango lovers. One of the most sought after mango varieties the Baiganpalli is now available at Rs 100 per kg in retail.
About a week ago Baiganpalli was being sold for Rs 140 per kg to Rs 150 per kg.
According to Anand Dongre, President of Nagpur Fruit Dealers Association while speaking to The Hitavada said, “Bulk supplies of the famous Baiganpalli mango variety is coming from Kurnool, Warangal and other districts of Andhra Pradesh. This has resulted in a steep fall in prices. On an average 150 trucks are unloading the orange colour fruit on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the Kalamna market, he said.
In the wholesale market, Baiganpalli mango variety is being quoted at Rs 50 per kg to Rs 65 per kg. Earlier in the month of April, Baiganpalli was quoted at Rs 80 per kg to Rs 120 per kg, Dongre said.
But the prices are still higher than last years opening prices which started from Rs 40 per kg to Rs 50 per kg, he pointed out. Other varieties of mango like Dassahari is being quoted at Rs 60 per kg to Rs 80 per kg and Dassahari Gawrani (local) is being quoted at Rs 45 per kg to Rs 50 per kg, he said.
Apart from this, the prices of the most exported mango variety Alphanso has also fallen to Rs 500 per dozen to Rs 700 per dozen, as compared to Rs 800 per dozen to Rs 1,000 per dozen a fortnight ago, he added.