AAIB to probe SpiceJet’s Mumbai-Durgapur flight turbulence incident
   Date :05-May-2022

SpiceJet’s Mumbai 
THE Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) will probe the SpiceJet Mumbai-Durgapur flight “accident” on Sunday that left 17 people injured, two of them seriously, after the aircraft encountered turbulence, sources said on Wednesday.
The episode has been classified as an “accident” as it has left serious injuries on passengers and crew members, the sources mentioned.
The Mumbai-Durgapur flight of Spicejet ran into severe turbulence during its descent phase, causing injuries to 14 passengers and three cabin crew members. After the accident, India’s aviation regulator DGCA has started an inspection of the entire SpiceJet fleet of 91 planes. Sources said the AAIB will investigate the accident and a formal order regarding the same will be issued soon. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had on Monday took off roster the flight’s crew, aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) and in-charge of SpiceJet’s maintenance control centre, pending the probe.
Two of the injured passengers -- one with head injury and another with spinal injury -- are in intensive care unit (ICU) right now, the DGCA had said on Monday.
There were 195 people, including two pilots and four cabin crew members, on board the Mumbai-Durgapur flight.
Due to severe turbulence, injuries were caused to a few passengers, the spokesperson noted.
“Timely medical assistance was provided upon arrival,” the spokesperson added.