Implementation of second phase of ‘Mandatory Hallmarking’ from June 1
   Date :06-May-2022
Mandatory Hallmarking
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After successful implementation of ‘Mandatory Hallmarking’ by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in 256 districts of the country with effect from June 23, 2021, wherein more than 3 lakh gold articles are being hallmarked with HUID every day, it has been notified by the Government to implement the second phase of mandatory hallmarking from June 1, 2022 vide Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery and Gold Artefacts (Amendment) Order, 2022, dated April 4, 2022.
The second phase of the mandatory hallmarking will cover additional three caratages of gold jewellery / artefacts viz. 20, 23 and 24 carats as mentioned in the Indian Standard IS 1417 and 32 new districts under the mandatory hallmarking regime wherein an AHC has been setup post implementation of the first phase of the mandatory hallmarking order. The list of districts is available on the BIS website,
BIS has made a provision to allow a common consumer to get the purity of their unhallmarked gold jewellery tested at any of the BIS recognised Assaying and Hallmarking Centres (AHC).
The AHC shall undertake the testing of gold jewellery from common consumers on priority and provide a test report to the consumer.
The test report issued to the consumer will assure the consumer about the purity of their jewellery and will also be useful if the consumer wishes to sell the jewellery lying with him. The charges for testing of gold jewellery up to 4 articles is Rs 200. For 5 or more articles, the charges are Rs 45 per article.
The detailed guidelines on testing of gold jewellery of consumer and the list of recognised Assaying and Hallmarking centres can be accessed through the home page of BIS website -
The authenticity and purity of the hallmarked gold jewellery items with HUID number, purchased by consumer, can also be verified by using ‘verify HUID’ in BIS CARE app which can be downloaded from play store, says a press release issued here by Vijay Nitnaware, Head (NGBO), BIS. For further details, interested persons may call on Phone no. 0712-2565171, 2554267.