‘Punjab Police arrested me as if I was a terrorist’
   Date :08-May-2022

Punjab Police arrested
DELHI Bharatiya Janata Party leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga on Saturday claimed that the Punjab police had barged into his home in large numbers and arrested him “as they do it with a terrorist”. Speaking to ANI this morning, Bagga narrated the entire episode of his arrest. “I was not shown any warrant. When nearly eight people picked me up, I told them to let me tie my turban. They did not give me the chance to wear the turban and slippers. I was thrown into the vehicle. I was kidnapped by the Punjab police.
The local police were also not informed. Nearly 50 policemen came as they do it with a terrorist,” he said. “Nearly 10 police vehicles had come which could be seen in the CCTV footage. It is an attempt to give a message that whosoever speaks against Arvind Kejriwal would be the biggest terrorist and not spared,” said Bagga. Earlier in April, Bagga had claimed that the Punjab police officials reached his home while he was in Lucknow to arrest him without informing the Delhi police.
Bagga said that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) registered an FIR based against him on the basis of a “trimmed” video from his remarks on a television show where he had sought an apology from Kejriwal for his speech on the exodus of Kashmiri pandits in the Delhi Assembly in March. Bagga also slammed Delhi Chief Minister for “illegally” detaining him and said that his detention is an attempt to give a message that whosoever speaks against the AAP supremo would be termed the “biggest terrorist” and not spared. Notably, Bagga reached his residence in Delhi on the intervening nights of Friday and Saturday after Delhi police brought him back from Haryana where he was en route to Mohali after he was arrested by Punjab Police.