Plasto Easy Clean Water Tank: Innovation at its best
   Date :01-Jun-2022

Plasto Easy Clean Water
Business Bureau :
With the innovations leading their way in this century, R C Plasto Pipes & Tanks continues to add value to people’s lives by introducing Plasto Easy Clean Tank. A water storage tank which is half the height of a common water tank. Water storage tanks are the main source of water supply for every Indian household. Being kept out of sight, these tanks go uncleaned for months. Plasto Easy clean tank solves the issue of cleaning a water tank which was an exhausting task earlier. Now you can easily see the bottom of the tank and know when the tank is to be cleaned well in advance.
Plasto’s easy clean tank comes in 3 holding capacities: 1000L, 750L & 500L, with the maximum height as high as just 32 inches. Plasto is the first company in India to introduce a tank which is low heightened with 6 layers of protection. This 6 layer protection doesn’t allow sunlight to enter the tank preventing algae formation. Plasto Easy Clean tank is made from food-grade plastic which keeps the water fresh and makes it safe for drinking. R C Plasto Tanks & Pipes is India’s leading manufacturer of water storage tanks, pipes, fittings and Sanitary ware products.