Raincoat, umbrella sellers eyeing good business this season
   Date :16-Jun-2022

Raincoat, umbrella sellers 
Business Bureau
The markets appear to be bustling with customers once again after a long lull of nearly two years due to restrictions imposed to prevent COVID-19 pandemic. Heavy rush of buyers can be spotted at almost all the markets across the city. Further, the footfall at the shops and malls is also rising every passing day.
Such an excitement in the markets in the current scenario has upped the expectations of traders, especially of those who deal in seasonal items like raincoats and umbrellas who missed to business to a large extent in the last two seasons - in 2020 and 2021.
Considering the positive market sentiments and normal monsoon season ahead, the raincoat and umbrella sellers have now geared up themselves and are planning to recover the losses they incurred in the past two seasons.
However, market observers wonder whether the sellers will achieve the expected recovery, given the rising price tags of the products. The comparison between the prices of these products in the current and the last season shows tremendous differences. While the prices of raincoats have surged by 20 to 25 per cent, umbrella prices shot up by 15 to 20 per cent during the period.
Vikas Chourasia of Pratham Departmental Stores, said prices are high as compared to previous season. “But we have put on display a wide range of products which will certainly attract the customers. Schools are set to open on scheduled time and thus customers have started buying raincoats and umbrellas,” he said.
Chourasia also said that office-going customers and others are also arriving in the shops to buy the products. “We are very positive about the business and hope to do well in this season,” he said, adding that price hike is a normal phenomenon.
Another seller based in the Sitabuldi market, who preferred not to be quoted, also said customers have started buying the products. “I have seen excitement among the buyers as most of them could not purchase these items for the past two years. They are ready to pay more this season,” he observed. Highlighting the new designs and varieties of the products, he said there is a special range of umbrellas for kids that are in good demand. “These small umbrellas are reasonably priced and thus most of the customers are purchasing it. Customers are also showing interest in coulourful raincoats made for kids,” he added.