‘I am still with Shiv Sena’
   Date :23-Jun-2022

Shiv Sena 
Staff Reporter
“I had unknowingly gone to Surat, Gujarat and joined Eknath Shinde. I was unaware of the developments there. When I came to know the reality behind camping of Sena MLAs at Surat under the leadership of Shinde, I escaped from the place and returned to Maharashtra. I am a staunch Shivsainik and will remain with Shiv Sena forever,” said Nitin Deshmukh, MLA of Balapur, district Akola while talking to mediapersons at Nagpur on Wednesday. As per the narration by Deshmukh, he escaped from Shinde camp at Surat, Gujarat and reached Maharashtra.
“Shinde being our Party Group leader, I responded to his call and joined him at Surat, Gujarat. I was not aware of the developments there. When I came to know about the revolt, I tried to run away from there. I somehow escaped from the place,” said Deshmukh. While talking Deshmukh narrated that all the MLAs from Maharashtra were kept at a hotel in Surat having strict police security. He alleged that he was administered with some injections forcibly. But he defied everything and freed himself.
“I became MLA because of shiv sena, because of Uddhavsaheb. Savant has guided me, Uddhavsaheb has given me direction. Whatever responsibility was given to me by the Party, I completed with sincerity. The MLAs from Maharashtra who are at Gujarat should also keep in mind that they got elected because of the people of their constituencies. They should think of their party and reconsider their decision,” suggested Deshmukh.