Discipline and good communication can create wonders: Rajeev Aggarwal
   Date :06-Jun-2022

Rajeev Aggarwal  
Business Bureau
Rajeev Aggarwal, Business Strategist while expressing his views at the session organised here on Sunday by Vidarbha Management Association, said, “The staff members observe their bosses and behave accordingly. If the boss of the organisation is disciplined, well mannered, punctual and polite then the staff will inculcate the same qualities in them,” said
Aggarwal further said, “Having a listening ear is equally important. One should listen to suggestions given by others and act on those if they are beneficial for the organisation. Moreover if discipline is accompanied by good communication, it can create wonders for any business,” he said.
Aggarwal said that most of the time while working together, staff simply imitates the bosses. “If the boss is not disciplined, then the staff members also follow the same habit,” he pointed out.
He further said; build a very good communication bond with the colleagues at workplace and be clear while discussing topics with them.
Aggarwal also gave some key tips that can be followed as part of business strategy to enhance the business. He said urged the participants to maintain very good communication bond at the workplace; be clear while discussing topics with co-workers; give enough time to other persons to act upon your idea; be a good listener by respecting the suggestions of others; and express your opinion in a few words. Sudhir Laturkar, Session In-charge, in ‘Augment Tip’ spoke about 4 types of risks . “No industry can be built without taking risks,” he said. Dr Aliakbbar Maimun was the program moderator. Vidarbha Management Association is based at Nagpur and meets every Sunday at 10.25 am.
The session provides a platform for entrepreneurs who have made their mark in various fields to exchange ideas.
VMA is dedicated to imparting learning related to business management and leadership to its members. VMA is a non-profit organisation and is currently in its 18th successful year of operation.