Victors Karate Academy’s karatekas excel
   Date :12-Jul-2022

Victors Karate Academy 
Karatekas from Victors Karate Academy, Jaripatka, excelled in the recently held Inspiration Cup 2nd State Karate Championship. The competition was conducted by Muktadev Bahuudeshiya Vikas Sanstha and Karate Kokusai Independent Association Maharashtra, at SFS College, Seminary Hills.
The karatekas of the academy pocketed as many as 32 medals.
In Under-12 boys and girls categories, Daksh Ramteke (kata and kumite) won two gold medals. Daksh Sorde (kumite gold), Swarup Patil (kumite 1 gold), Varnit Tembhurne (kata gold), Rabnek Singh Siddhu (kata, kumite two silver medals), Aaradhya Dandare (kata and kumite two silver medals), Anay Shrivastav (kumite silver), Anugya Bagde (kumite silver), Sparsh Patil (kata silver), Gitanshu Mhase (kata silver, bronze), Purvi Nandeshwar (kata and kumite two bronze), Aarav Fulzele (kata and kumite two bronze), Tanushka Bagde (kata bronze), Simran Dhole (kumite bronze), Dhyanratna Khaparde (kumite bronze), Shreyansh Sorde (kumite bronze), Viyansh Meshram (kumite bronze).
Above 12 boys and girls categories: Prachita Patil (kata and kumite two gold), Tushit Nikose kata and kumite two gold), Kadambari Khaparde (kumite gold), Harshita Soni (kumite gold), Prashabdi Nikose (kata gold, kumite bronze), Rutuja Thool (kumite silver). Hansika Khaparde, Siddhant Manekar and Nirved Tembhurne also preformed well in their respective age and weight categories.
Prachita Patil, Tushit Nikose, Rutuja Thool work hard and were felicitated by the organiser. Sensei Eaish Gaurkhede was a coach of the team. All karatekas give the credit of their success to their parents, coach and Director of Victors Karate Academy Sensei Ravikant Meshram.