Wasnikar survives Meshram scare
   Date :12-Jul-2022

Wasnikar survives 
Sports Reporter
IN THE most exciting final of the ongoing Shakti Club Open Ranking Table Tennis Tournament, Tejas Wasnikar survived Arush Meshram scare to win the title in Under-17 boys singles category.
Wasnikar had a great start and bagged the first two games 11-06, 11-05 for a 2-0 lead. Meshram bounced back to reduce the deficit talking he third game 11-07. Wasnikar clawed his way back into the match making it 3-1 taking the extended fourth game 12-10. Once again Meshram fought back to wrest a game. He took the fifth game 11-08 to reduce the margin once again. But Wasnikar held on in the sixth game to take it 11-09 and the title along with it.
Incidentally, in the U-15 boys final, Meshram finished the match in three straight games against the same opponent. Meshram beat Wasnikar 11-09, 11-07, 11-07.
The only upset in the finals came in the boys U-13 age group where Purabsingh Renu stunned top seed Sarth Shastri 05-11, 11-05, 11-08, 11-09 after losing the first game.
Most of the other finals were one-sided affairs with the champions finishing those off in three or four games.
U-11 Girls Final: Purvi Kaur Renu bt Tanisha Kolare 08-11, 11-09, 11-09, 12-10. U-11 Boys Final: Karan Kashyap bt Anmol Varhade 11-03, 11-03, 11-07.
Under-13 Girls Final: Sharvari Khobragade bt Unnati Sakhre 11-09, 11-03, 11-04. Under-13 Boys Final: Purabsingh Renu bt Sarth Shastri 05-11, 11-05, 11-08, 11-09.
Under-15 Girls Final: Sharvari Khobragade bt Anvesha Kashyap 11-05, 14-12, 11-05. Under-15 Boys Final: Arush Meshram bt Tejas Wasnikar 11-09, 11-07, 11-07.
Under-17 Girls Final: Sharvari Khobragade bt Anvesh Kashyap 12-10, 11-07, 11-08, 11-06. Under-17 Boys Final: Tejas Wasnikar bt Arush Meshram 11-06, 11-05, 07-11, 12-10, 08-11, 11-09.